1. Awrah in Solah

2. Our qiblah is the kabah

3.  Sutrah

4. Pillars in Prayer : Intention in Solah

5. Pillars of Prayer : Takbir Al-Ihram

6. Pillars of Prayer : Standing

7. Placing the right hand on the left

8. Dua Al Istiftah (Opening Supplication)

9. Seeking refuge

10. Reciting Surah Al Fatihah

11. Saying Ameen.

12. Reciting Surah

13. Saying Takbir on Bowing and Raising Hands

14. The Ruku’-Bowing

15. Standing after bowing.

16. Sujood

17. Prostration

18. Sitting in between two prostrations.

19. Jalasatul Istirohah

20. Tashahud

21. Du’a after tashahud

22. Tasleem

3 responses to “Solat

  1. Sajidur Rahman

    You missed some parts for salah.
    contact be at

  2. Cidratul Muntaha Tushar

    Alhamdulillah. solat very nice significat.

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