Seerah/ Islamic Stories

1. Prophet Adam a.s.

2. Lessons to be learnt from the story of Prophet Adam a.s.

3. History of Adhan

4. About Makkah

5. The Cave of Hira’

6. Lapbook : Abu Bakr As Siddiq r.a.

7. Jabal Thawr

8. Masjid Quba’

9. Masjid Nabawi

10. Prophet Hud alaihi salam

11. Lessons from the story of Prophet Hud alaihi salam

12. Surah Al Feel 105 :1-5 – The Story

13. Allah is the Giver of Life and the Taker of Life: Stories from the Quran and Hadith

14. Salman Al Farsi

15. Wealthy Sahaba : Abdur Rahman bin Awf

16. Wealthy Sahaba : Abu Bakr As Siddiq

17. Wealthy Sahaba : Uthman bin Affan

18. King of Kings

19. Prophet Yunus alaihi salam.

20. The First Murder

21. The Story of Prophet Idris (Enoch)

22. Prophet Nuh (Noah) alaihi salam – When Shirk Began to Take Place

23. Prophet Nuh Sent to His People

24. Imam Nawawi

25. Prophet Nuh : The reaction of his people

26. Battle of Tabuk

27. Allah Instructed to Build the Ark

28. Ubayy bin Ka’ab

29. Prophet Nuh alaihi salam – The Flood

30. Saad ibn Mu’adh

31. Do you not love that Allah should forgive you?

32. The Son of Noah alaihi salam

33. Prophet Samuel and the Mentioning of Tabut in the Quran

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