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Sifat Allah : Wujud, Qidam

Before I proceed on the topic Sifat Allah, I must say that I am using The Malaysian Sekolah agama textbook. In most textbooks they would cover the sifat 20. So I am covering that too. if you have any suggestion on this topic I would certainly appreciate inputs

This syllabus is particularly for Haziq (at the moment)

We covered these two sifats
1. Wujud
We emphasised that Allah exists.

The Nas for this is in Al Ikhlas Verse 1
He is Allah, the only One

Than we discussed on other proves of the existense of Allah. I asked him to reflect on the creation of the things around us. The organisation of night and day, teh sun and the moon, the way the planets circle the sun, the moon rotates the earth, moons on other planets, millions of suns. I ask him to look at ourselves. The organisation of bones. On how the bone structure was mad in such a way that we could walk and pick things up and move the way we do. the heart, the kms of nerves and every little organisme in the world.

That it cannot be made naturally, poof like that. There has to be a Creator! And the creator is Allah. Annd all the things around us are created for us to reflect that Allah exists.

2. Qidam – Allah has no begiing and has no end

The nAs is in Al Hadid, Verse 3

He is the First and the Last

We discusses, in our human mind, its difficult for us to phantom the concept that something which has no beginning. That is because Allah has made things around us to have beginning and to have an end. We cannot compare the created to the Creator!

Understand that Allah has no beginning and has no end.

I have decided to discontinue the study of sifat Allah yang 20. But rather I will only concentrate on Allah’s names and his attributes. May Allah guide me and make me steadfast in teaching my children.


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