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Ramadhan Kareem

Alhamdulillah the children have been enjoying their fasting so far. Z who is five is the only one not fasting but refuse to eat heavier meals and only resort to toasts and biscuits. He wants to eat hevaier meals with his brother and sister. 🙂

We made a revision on our ramadhan lapbook. Indeed it is a very good quick reference for the children. We shall visit the lapbook again before the last ten days of Ramadhan, Insya Allah.

The children added a few more points verbally especially on the good deeds we can during Ramadhan.

I introduced a checklist of deeds as a reminder of what they can do during ramadhann. I included especially the sunnah acts that they have learned throughout the year. H had a longer list which includes the nawafil prayers that I am encouraging him to do.

Below is a summary of the activities
1. Fasting
2. Praying

  • Fajr
  • Dzuhur
  • A’sr
  • Maghrib
  • Isya’

3. Nawafil

  • Fajr
  • Dzuhur
  • Mahrib
  • Isya’

4. Reading Quran (# pages)

5. Make dua’

  • after adzan
  • after prayer
  • 15 minutes before iftar

6. Dzikir

  • After prayers
  • morning
  • evening
  • laillahaillahhu wahdahu lasharikalah..100x

7. Helpfulness

  • Is my room clean?
  • Prepare iftar
  • Dust the house

Alhamdulillah. May we all be able to reap the benefits of Ramadhan in abundance.

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We didn’t get to do any lesson this week for I was busy the whole week helping a friend for her son’s walimah. H was a bit disappointed and said next week we must do double lessons!

Subhanallah! That was very flattering. Habibi was amazed! He said the children really do enjoy the sessions. Alhamdullilah. It is not only flattering but very motivating.

I found this you tube clip which I found to be very interesting. It can be applied to all of us whether we are school teachers or not.

Take it with good humour.

Insya Allah, the notes will resume next week. Topics already typed out just awaiting to be published are
Pillars of faith,
Three basic things all Muslims must know
Allahu Baseer

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