Asma Wa Sifat

1. Al Alim العليم
2. Al Baseer البصير
3. As Samee’ السميع
4. Al Khabir الخبير

5. Al Khaliq الخالق

6. Al Musawwir and Al Bari’البارِئُ, المُصَوِّر

7. Al Muhyi Al Mumit

8. Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

9. Ar Rabb

10. King of Kings : Al Malik

11. Al Quddus : The Holy One.

12. As Salam السلام – The Peace, The One free from All Defects

13. Al Mu’meen – The Giver of Security

14. Al Muhaymin : the Watcher over His Creatures, The Guardian, the Preserver

15. Allah al Aziz the All Mighty the Self Sufficient

16. Allah al Jabbar the Compeller

17. ِAl Mutakabbir The Supreme

18. Al Ghaffur al Ghaffar

19. Al Affuw The Oft Pardoning

20. Al Qahhar the Compeller

21. Al Wahhab

2 responses to “Asma Wa Sifat

  1. nik nusuki

    asma wa sifat ada 17 je ke ?

    • lolliesplace

      Of course ada lebih. Tapi baru cover sampai situ je. These are actually notes on halaqah that myself and the kids try to have weekly. we alternate topics. so baru je 17 dapat cover. please pray for us that Allah allow us to continue this. btw this is beezel right?

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