Akhlaq/ Dua

1. Manners of Eating

2. Spreading Peace

3. Excellence of the Adhan

4. Manners on Listening to the Adhan

5. Dua’ After Wudhu’

6. Eid is Coming Insya Allah

7. Reciting the Quran Before Sleeping

8. Manners of Sleeping

9. No No before Sleeping

10. Invocation before sleeping

11. When the rain comes

12. It rains when I want to have fun

13. Reminder when going abroad

14. To receive Allah’s mercy

15. Backbiting and slandering

16. What to do when someone is backbitten.

17. Good dream Bad dream

18. Taking care of your time.

19. Subhanallah

20. Waking Up from Sleep.

21. Going to the Toilet

22. Going to Toilet – Outdoor

23. Superiority of Du’a

24. For Supplication to be Answered

25. Manners of Making Supplications

26. The best time and place to make du’a

27. No no in making du’a.

28. The Rights of Allah and Etiquette with Allah

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