After moving to another country, I realised that I cannot depend on the school to help instill religious knowledge on my children. Worried that the children are deprived, I tried my best using my limited skills, to teach my children myself. It is not entirely homeschooling as I still send my children to school. However I am teaching at home. Can that still qualify? Probably not. šŸ˜€

I have been writing down syllabus of my work for a year and I thought it is time that I share it. This is in the hope that I would receive constructive criticisms and suggestions on how to improve myself. Particularly on the syllabus and the activities.

I have been using various sources. Mostly books that I own that, Insya Allah, are following the quraan and sunnah,Ā  from the classes that I go to and books that I read and also my learned friends. Any weakness are solely my doing while all praises go to the Al 3Alim, Allah Subhana Wata3ala.

May all of these be beneficial and guide my children on the true path always. I am thankful and send all my syukur to Allah who has inspired me. Allah has continuously send me bounty of ideas. Indeed he is merciful. I pray that all the readers will gain some benefits either by reading this or sharing and even better by giving ideas.

Let us all rush for success. Now and the hereafter. Insya Allah.

The truth is, despite all I said, I am the one who is learning the most.

30 responses to “About

  1. dayana

    Assalamualaikum wbt sis,

    I am a first year teacher, teaching in an Islamic School here in Kuala Lumpur. I stumbled upon your site, and Thank Allah for it. SubhanAllah, i can learn so much from you as I am teaching Islamic Studies to students between 6-8 years old. On the other hand, reading through some of what you’re doing with the children, i thought i would suggest you look into books from Singapore. We are using it here and it’s great! They cover topics like what you have mentioned too…like Saying the Salam. The books are published by MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) and information are easily available on the Internet.

    I hope all is well with you and your family there. May Allah bless you, and reward you for your efforts. Jazakallahu Khairan for sharing! šŸ˜€


  2. dayana

    I’m sorry I forgot to mention. The books are divided into two:
    1) We Are Muslims which covers areas Aqidah, Fiqh and Akhlaq and
    2) Life and Teachings of Our Prophet (s.a.w) which covers Seerah and Hadith šŸ™‚

  3. lolliesplace


    I am very excited to read your comments Ukht Dayana. I really would love to learn from your experience.

    Sis, is this book available in KL too? If it does can you suggest me where to get it. Insya Allah the next time I go back, I can get it.

  4. dayana

    Assalamualaikum wbt šŸ™‚

    Hmm…I don’t think we have it in our local bookstores, even the school is ordering direct from the publishers in S’pore (if i’m not mistaken). however, if you like and if there’s stock, i can get the books for you from the school insyaAllah šŸ™‚ but for now, we are also waiting for its arrival. Will let you know what we have when I can šŸ™‚ As for now, I seriously need to buff up my lesson plans!! *heading towards your archives* hehe..will share some of mine InsyaAllah! šŸ™‚

    Ma’assalama sis, wassalam…

  5. dayana

    Assalamualaikum wbt sis,

    šŸ™‚ i believe that kids these days are more curious and interested to learn when you encourage them. therefore opening them up to things that are real, even like syaitan or the war in gaza, i believe, is a great way to introduce them to the realities of life. and it’s so amazing what they easily catch from what we tell them!

    on the other hand, i may be a teacher sis, but truly i am the student! MasyaAllah, i would not be where i am without Allah’s help…and for whatever He has planned for me. and i admit, being a teacher comes with a lot of responsibilities. i am actually finding it a little difficult at the moment…but behind every hardship, ada hikmahnya..wAllahualam šŸ™‚

    till then though, may Allah make it easy for us, for our children’s future. there’s so much challenges in today’s world, Na’udhubillah…

    will hope to keep in touch in the future sis šŸ™‚ and if i do come up with a site like yours, InsyaAllah, i’ll be sure to let you know…because you inspired it! šŸ˜€

    Taqaballahu minna waminkum, Wassalam.

  6. lolliesplace

    Salam Dayana,

    Unfortunately my lesson plans are not much of a lesson plan for kids. Mostly what i wrote here is for me to have conviction to relay it to the children, Insya Allah. But I don’t read all the notes per se. I try to downtone it to their level.

    Insya Allah, when I have more topics, i do plan to make it more child friendly. I pray that Allah will make it easy for me and Allah will make me have the time for it.

    It’s nice to know how a real teacher do their planning though. šŸ˜‰

  7. lolliesplace

    which is true. Except that I avoid big words to my 7YO like aversion.

    The kids really love the syaitan story telling time. I stressed that this is not a spooky story. Knowing the mission of syaitan is not about knowing ghosts. I am trying to make them instill that they must have the knowledge that they can fight shaytan in many ways, Insya Allah.

    Then all the sunnahs like eating not with left hand comes in.

    Exactly! When you teach someone else, you are the one learning! This is the best profession! Educator! I am truly learning tremendous, Insya Allah. As someone who wants to pass knowledge, we first of all needs to learn and underrstand ourselves and practice it too. This is a blessing.

    Sister, i pray that our mission will be made easier by Allah. Indeed He has the power to make hard things, easy.

  8. shameema


    I find myself in a similer position and im glad i stumbled upon your blog.

    I really would love to homeschool ,but am scared to take the plunge , however i do islamic studies with the children , trying to keep them on par , if we decide to move back to S.A.

    JAZAKHALA for sharing

  9. Alizah Ali

    I am also a parent away from my home country – Malaysia. I have been trying my best to teach Islamic Studies and Quran at home based on what I have learned.
    And coincidently I use books and materials from Malaysia & South Africa and of course the many resources posted by my dear sisters on the internet.
    Insya-Allah, I hope to share them with others someday.
    Sister Dayana, would like to know about the Islamic School that you teach at.
    May Allah bless our effort and guide our children. Ameen.

  10. DeeN


    From Indonesia origin here but living in the US for half of my life already.
    How old are your children?


  11. Zehra

    i stumbled upon your site and count my self blessed.
    Mash’allah you are doing such a great job.
    please note that i will share what i have learnt from your site with my students.

    May Allah reward you amply.


    • lolliesplace

      Ameen. Wa iyak. I hope everyone will benefit from it. And if anyone has anything to suggest, I would love to hear it too. šŸ˜€

  12. Assalamualaikum.
    I am not a homeschooling parent. Just trying to teach my children Islamic Studies at home. I have learnt a lot from your blog.
    I was wondering if it would be OK to link your blog to mine Insya-Allah. Please let me know. Jazak-Allah.

    • lolliesplace

      Waalaikumussalam Warahmatullahhi Wabarakatuh
      Subhanallah! We are alike. Of course you can link to mine. I have gone through your entries and I am learning from there too! Masya Allah! This is what we need, more resources and experiences that we can learn from in the objective of pleasing Allah and raising our children. May Allah bestow on us ilham. And May He bring us people who will benefit s for the deen.

  13. As salaamu alaykum ukhti,

    Was just going to see if you could get a subscribe to by email, but after opening up the comment form, I see an option to subscribe by email. I don’t often remember to check my favorite blogs due to being so busy unless I get something in my face to remind me, such as an email.

    I might also suggest trying to get a subscribe to blog feature via http://www.feedburner.com, that way you can stick a widget on the pages for people to subscribe by reader or email, so that it is more prominent.

    I totally love your blog, ma sha Allah, may Allah reward you for taking the time to share with everyone. Ameen.

    • lolliesplace

      Subhanallah. And here I am loving your blog to the bits. masya Allah. In fact you are the reason, bi iznillah, that motivated me to work with my children.

      Jazakillah for your suggestion. I have put a widget up. Not sure whether it is good enough.

  14. Muslima'

    Check this website http://muslimtribune.org/ The team might be interested in your writings. It encourages collaboration and User Generated Content

  15. Ų§Ł„Ł„Ł‡ Ł…Ų¹Łƒ

    Sub7anAllah.. u just done a great job ya u5t.. may Allah will grant you a milyoun sa3da, InsyAllah

  16. umm osama

    Super site may Allah continue to bless you and guide you from His bounties.
    Truly every teacher knows that teaching is the best to learn…and no doubt the reward for teaching Allah’s message is sadq jaria. Will check out more of the site and follow up with suggestions too Insha allah.

  17. assalamualaikum, may I have your real name please, because I have a research which is talking about one of your holy Quran’s English translation that is Surah An – Nasr’s English version. thank for your attention šŸ™‚

  18. Umm Rufayda

    Assalamu alaykum
    What a wonderful site mashaAllah. May Allah reward you. Sister I am going to umrah with my kids for the first time and I love the document you have done on umrah. i would love to print it off so my kids can read it and use it as reference while there inshaAllah. Somehow I cannot print it off. Do you mind emailing me the document? My email is nchothia@hotmail.com.Or is there an easy way to print it off that I am obviously unaware of. Jazakillah kairan.

  19. Shabeeb Hassan

    Assalaamu alaikum varahmathullah,

    mashaa Allah the information in your blog are much informative. May Allah accept from you, Jazakumullah alf khairen. Is there any copyright restriction of your articles. As i am preparing a Islamic text book and find the information are very much useful for that. Pls reply at the earliest.
    Barakallahu lakum

    • lolliesplace

      I took most of my notes from various textbooks. usually I would put reference. However for activities are usually my own ideas from the collection of good webpages around. so for that one i prefer that you would include a credit to this blog. for the other notes, as i said it is mostly taken from books. so if you are distributing your books, perhaps this would need to be looked nto.

      May Allah put barakah in our work.

  20. Umm H

    Assalamu alaykum sister, I need a copy of your Umrah guide for children but I’ve to pay to download it on Scribd. Could you please email me a free copy. Jazakillahu khayran

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