Shirk in Asma wa Sifaat

We used this book – Explaining Shirk The Greatest Sin by Sheikh Uthaymeen


1. Shirk in Humanisation.

Shirk in Asma wa Sifaat can be in the form of humanising God.

In shirk al Asmaa as Sifaat, Allah is given the form and qualities of human being or animals. The image of God is often painted, moulded or carved in the shape of human. Usually in the  physical feature oft those who are worshiping them.

For example Hindus and Buddhists worship idols that have the likeness of Asian man or woman and consider them the manifestation of God in creation.

Some Christian painters such as Michaelangelo have drawn God looking like an European man with long white hair and beard and is plastered on thec ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in vatican.

2. Shirk by Deification

In this shirk, Allah’s names and attributes are given to creation.

For example the Shiite sects in teh Nusayreeyah of Syria believed that Ali bin Abu talib was a manifestation of Allah and they gave him many qualities of Allah.

There’s  a teaching called Ismails also known as Agha Khanis whose leader is called Agha Khan. they believed that their leader is God incarnated.

The Druze of Lebanon believed that the Faatimid Caliph al Haakim bi Amrillah was teh last manifestation of Allah among mankind.

Some Sufis like al Hallaj believe that they have become one with God

Taken from – The fundamentals of Tawheed by Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips

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