Shirk in Tawheed of Lordship

Insya Allah we will be using this simple article for this topic.

Explaining Shirk by Sheikh al Uthaymeen

Shirk in Tawhid ar Rububiyyah
This shirk includes the belief that either
i. Shirk by association – that there are others who share Allah’s control and rule over the creation
ii. Shirk by negation – Believing that there is no God at all.
This kind of shirk can be divided into two main types
i. Shirk by association

The most common example in this shirk is superstitious. Believing that something will bring them luck or bad luck or believing in fortune tellers and horoscopes.

Do you believe an amulet can bring you luck? Or a black cat can bring you bad luck? This is shirk, because none of the created things can do any of these things because the One who has power is only Allah. He has predestined everything for you and He also has decreed for you your rizq. Nothing controls your life or your fortune. By taking a charm for good luck, you have destroyed your tawheed ar Rububiyyah and you have also committed shirk. May Allah protect us.

It is the same with horoscope. We read the horoscopes and believe that what it says will happen to you. We abide by their suggestions for good luck to avoid bad luck. If you read the horoscope and you believe in it, this is shirk. If you read it for fun but do not believe in it, this is a big sin and you need to repent. Listen to this hadith by Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam

The Salaah (daily prayer) of whoever approaches a fortuneteller and asks him about anything will not be accepted for forty days and nights.’
[Saheeh Muslim vol.4,p. 1211, no 5440]

This believing in luck and horoscope and fortune teller is associating Allah’s action of the one who provides and the One who has the power to do anything and denies that Allah is the One who can see the Unseen.

With Him are the keys to the unseen and no one knows except Him. Al An’aam 6:59
Say: None in the heavens or earth knows the unseen except Allah An naml 27:65

Another form of associating Allah is also by making a decision of Allah into parts like the Hindus. They believe in one god – brahma. But they believe this one god is divided to three forms: Brahma the creator god, Vishnu the preserver god and Shiva the destroyer God.

ii. Shirk by Negation

By denying that there is no god at all or saying that he himself is god like Pharoah

An Naziat 79: 24
24. saying: “I am Your Lord, Most high”,

This is also shirk in Tawheed ar Rububiyah thinking that the world is created by itself and nothing is governing it. Does he not look at himself and pnder how all these can just occur by itself? How the world can run its course without the Planer and Creator?


Islamic Studies Book 2 – Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips IIPH

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