The word من

We learned the word today. This means who. In malay, it means siapa. Thus this isthe third question form word that we learned. We have learned



We are following the Madinah Arabic book and you can find what we study today HERE and HERE.

More new words

طبيب / طبيبة – doktor

ولد / بنت –  budak lelaki/ budak perempuan

طالب / طالبة   – pelajar lelaki/ pelajar perempuan

رجل – lelaki

مدرس / مدرسة- guru lelaki/ guru perempuan

تاجر/ تاجرة  – jurujual lelaki/ jurujual perempuan

I corrected the way they write the arabic letters in our exercise.. We used the white board and also exercise books for the exercise.


Then we introduced the arabic numbers from one to five. They practiced to write the numbers, the words for it and the meaning in Malay


واحد satu – one

اثنان dua – two

ثلاثة tiga – three

أرربعة empat – four

خمسة lima – five

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