Test of the New Arabic Words

We did some tests from the words we learned in the Madinah Arabic Book. You may find it here and here and here.

I also customised the tests for them by asking them to translate the words from the Malay language to arabic

test arabic adakah

It was short and fun. I got to correct the way they actually write the letters and also some spelling mistakes. Alhamdulillah.


We also make a simple test from our lessons on the CAKE. I write down a simple arabic and asked them to get me the unknown words in arabic.
test arabic resepi

Then come the fun part is to apply it to actual things. What better way to do it than to actually be in the kitchen? We did not bake cakes though, but instead we made cookies and learn a few new words as well.

cookies كوكيز

cocoa كاكاو

small spoon ملعقة صغيرة

we are baking نخبز

oven فرن


The cookies come in different sizes. LOL!

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