Introducing Arabic

I am thinking of introducing Arabic as one of the subjects in our halaqah classes Insya Allah.

For my eldest son, he has the opportunity to speak with some of his friends and also his sheikh who doesn’t speak English at all. He is also slowly following the arabic lessons given by Brother Nouman Ali Khan in bayyinah Insya Allah. Once in a while (we haven’t done it for a long time though), we will be following Brother Fahd Al Tahiri in his Sarf lessons. May we be steadfast.

So I am thinking of introducing simple arabic to my other children aged 11 and 8 (in Year 2013). I do not know where to start so have been looking around for a good syllabus and resources.

My children can write in the arabic font Insya Allah and can read fairly well if it has harakat on it. However, they do not know what it means like most of us. Allah Mustaan. Nor can they speak the language.

I am not so good myself but am slowly taking arabic lessons at a local centre where I live.

For now I will be combining the course in the Madinah Arabic books and the resources that I found HERE.

1. Our first lesson is introducing the words  هذا and هذه.

2. Then we start going through the vocabularies in the first page of the madinah book. You can find it HERE and HERE.

3. I added some new words based on this cute lesson about The Cake. HERE.

We only took five new words from here which are


أحب امي




We will continue another 5 words next week Insya Allah

4. I introduced the word  ما  which means what.

5. Then we make simple question samplers with

ما هذا

ما هذه

And played around using the questions in the vocabularies we just learned

I also pointed out the spelling of the words هذا and هذه has no alif after ha even tough we pronounce it long. In the quran there is the alif saghirah to indicate for you to read it long. In standard arabic, there is no alif but we still pronounce it long.

example in surah Quraysh ayat 3

فَلۡيَعۡبُدُواْ رَبَّ هَـٰذَا ٱلۡبَيۡتِ

Insya Allah they are to familiarise themselves with the words.



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2 responses to “Introducing Arabic

  1. I guess I can come and learn Arabic here too 😀

  2. lolliesplace

    He he. Insya Allah easy. kalau you tengok link yg I kasi tu ada harakat (baris) so can follow. Of course do practice the words, next week small test ya. he he

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