Wiping Over Leather Socks

Do you know that, we can wipe over our socks, if we are wearing them to take wudhu’. Subhanallah, this knowledge alone help us practice our deen easily.

Imam an nawawi rahimullah said, in his explanation of saheeh Muslim, “All those qualified for ijma’ agree that it is allowed to wipe over the socks wether on a journey or at home, wether due to some need or not. It is even permissible for the woman who stays in her house or the handicapped person who cannot walk. It is rejected by none except the Shiites and the Khawarij, but their rejection is invalid.”

Condition for its acceptance

1. That the socks are worn when the wudhu’ is valid.

One must be in the state of purity (using water and not tayammum) before putting on the khuf. This is based on the hadith narrated by Al Mughirah bin Shu’bah said,

“I was in an expedition with Prophet Muhammad sallalhu alaihi wasalam. I poured water and he washed his face and his arms and wiped over his head, then I went to remove his leather socks, but the Messenger sallahu alaihi wasalam said, “Leave them, for I put them on while I was in the state of purity.” So he wiped over them (Bukhari, Muslim, Dawood)

ii. The khuf can either be leather or the normal socks that we wear. It has to cover the whole foot and up and including the ankle.

Some question whether normal socks can be used. Insya Allah it can be used. Alhamdulillah. Please refer to HERE.

iii. The socks should not be too thin

Refer HERE for explanation.

What about socks that have holes in them? Insya Allah it is ok to be wiped over. Refer HERE for explanation.

How do you wipe it?

The top of the sock is to be wiped.

Based on a hadith narrated by Ali radiallahu anhu, that he observed, If religion was based on opinion, the bottom of socks would take preference to be wiped to the top of the socks, but I saw Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasalam wiping over the top of his socks.

So only wipe the  top of the sock, once Insya Allah.

The Period of Time During Which it is Permitted to Wipe the Socks

Narrated by Ali radiallahu anhu

The Messenger of Allah sallahu alaihi wasalam had appointed three days and nights for the traveler, and one day and night for the resident. For the musafir (traveller).

a. As per the hadith above, for musafir is 3 days and 3 nights

b. For the muqim (resident)
As per the hadith above, for resident is 1 day and 1 night.

The time begins when one first wipe his khuf and it ends at the same time either 1 day later (for resident) or 3 days later (for traveler).

Reference HERE

What Invalidates the Wiping

i. Just whatever that nullifies wudhu’
ii. Taking off the khuf

This is the fatwa taken by Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah on this issue

If he takes off his leather slippers (khufoof) or socks after wiping over them that does not invalidate his wudoo’, according to the correct scholarly view, because when a person wipes over his socks, he has completed his wudoo’ according to what is implied by the shar’i evidence. So if he takes them off, this wudoo’ is still valid according to the shar’i evidence and cannot be broken except by something for which there is shar’i evidence. There is no evidence to indicate that taking off leather slippers or socks that have been wiped invalidates wudoo’. On this basis, then, his wudoo’ remains valid. This was the view favoured by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah and a group of the scholars. But if he puts his socks back on after that and breaks his wudoo’, then he wants to wipe over them again, that is not allowed, because he has to put the socks on after doing wudoo’ in which he washed his feet, according to what was stated by the scholars. And Allaah knows best.

iii. Over the time limit that is prescribed in the hadith.


1. Fiqh Course – IIPH

2. Bulugh Maram

3. Islamqa

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