Battle of Tabuk

Story of the battle of Tabuk is taken from the Sealed Nectar taken HERE

Current Road Route Madinah-Tabuk

9th year after hijrah
In the hot summer month
Tabuk is about 700km from Madinah according to current road route

The Byzantines Empire

Reason for battle :

Previously a fierce fight between the Byzantines and the Muslims at Mu’tah. The confrontation gave great impression on the Arabs, all over Arabia. Caesar was aware of the potential threat by the Muslims especially nearing the border of the Arab worlds. Thus the threat must be stopped. Caesar gathered a huge army of teh byzantines and pro Roman Ghassanide against the Muslims.

Prophet’s Response

Prophet salllahu alaihi wasalam knew that if he delayed or reacted passively to the Byzantine threat, this would give opportunity for them to drill all the way to Madinah.

He sallallahu alaihi waslaam ordered the companion to get ready for war.

Sent for the Makkans and the other Arab tribes asking for their assistance

Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam declared openly of his intention to meet the Byzantines and fight them. He urged to people to get ready and fight in teh way of Allah.

Prophet also call out for charities.

Threats that Muslims Had

– The hypocrites spreading fear of the powerful undefeated Roman Armies

– The Muslims were already experiencing hardship and drought.

– Lack of Funds. Despite the big number of charity, the army was not properly equipped. The shortage of provision and mount was so serious that 18 men mounted one camel alternately. Members of the armie had to eat leaves. Others resort to slaughtering the camel thus losng the mount. It was hardship such that the army was called the Army of Distress.

Muslim’s response to cal of Jihad at Tabuk

– The Muslims race to give their wealth and property to support the invasion.

– Uthman bin Affan prepared two hundred saddled camels to travel to Ash Shams. Presented them all with 200 hudred ounces of gold. Then he brought 100 saddled camels. Gave 1000 dinars.

Prophet salllahu alaihi wasalam said,

From this day on nothing will harm ‘Uthman regardless of what he does.”

Uthman continued to give charity and reach 900 camels and 100 horses.

– Abdur Rahman bin Awaf – 200 ounces of silver

– Abu Bakr – paid all his wealth and leave for himself nothing.

– Umar paid half of his wealth

Al Abbas – gave a lot of money. So did Talhah, Sa’d bin ‘Ubadah and Muhammad bin Maslamah. People rushed to give as much as they can. Women too.

The needy and the poor who could not afford a ride came to the prophet sallalhu alaihi wasalam asking for one so they could fight but was turned down. and left crying after that. 9:92

Except the hypocrites. 9: 79

The Muslim Army

– Big number – thirty thousand

– This and the fame of the Muslims army scared the Byzantines army that they never came down to fight.

– The march was in Rajab and they returned in madinah. Thus ghazwah is for 50 days. 20 days in Tabuk

– This is the last battle that Prophet salllahu alaihi wasalam made.


1. Prophet Muhammad’s salllahu alaihi wasalam decision to meet the Byzantinne armies proved to be the most correct decision

– it shows the rising power and seriousness they have coming from the Arabia. Arabia is sandwiched between two empires Byzantine and Persia but none bothered to conquer them let alone fathom that the coming rising power will be from Arabia – the Muslims.

– It opened the eyes of the rest of Arabia to the Muslim’s influence that turned many of the arabs living in the borders of the Byzantines and Arab to be in alliance with teh Muslims. Thus changing the border of the Byzantine ruling

2. When the Muslims committed themselves and strive fully in the path of Allah, Allah strikes fear in the heart of the non Muslims

3. The Sahabah were generous and were all out in giving charity in Allah’s path

4. Even though no actual war took place, but the armies had difficulties throughout the preparation and the journey but the true Muslims strived.

5. Surah at Tawbah was sent down mostly throughout this battle

6. The hypocrites were deal sternly after this battle

7. the hypocrites were trying hard to demoralise the Muslims by putting fear of the super powers of the time to them.


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