Al Adiyyat 100: 3-5

And scouring to the raid at dawn. (3) 

The word  فَٱلۡمُغِيرَٲتِ really means already hovering over the enemy and ready to pounce on the enemy. It is from the word أغار which means attack.

صُبۡحً۬ا – at dawn time.


Ayah 4

فَأَثَرۡنَ بِهِۦ نَقۡعً۬ا

And raise the dust in clouds the while, (4)

Notice the letter nun at the end of the feel athar? This is nun niswah indicates that the doer is jama’ muanath.  This jama’ muanath referes to the horses or the mares which is the favourite horse in battle.

نَقۡعً۬ا – dust

There are other words for dust in Arabic – هباء غبار

But نقع actually means the trail dust that rises due to movement in high speed.

So continue to imagine as we go along the verses just like what the quraysh who are listening to these verses would have.


Ayah 5

فَوَسَطۡنَ بِهِۦ جَمۡعًا

 Penetrating forthwith as one into the midst (of the foe); 

Again, notice the letter nun at the end of the wasat? Again this is nun niswah indicating jama’ muanath.

وسط – means middle.

جمعا – group

So you can imagine that the horses entered into the middle of the enemies they are attacking.

Retranslating into Arabic

دخلت الخيل في وسط العدو

By verse 5, the imagination has reaches to its peak of a battle scene, when the group of fearless attackers on their horses charging towards the enemy area with their loyal horses. In the midst of the darkness of dawn and in the cloud of dust, who is to know what awaits them at the end. Are the enemies ready for them? Will there be rows of spears awaiting them? What will happen in this battle?

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