Al Adiyat 100: 1

Imagine the scene of the horses running at full speed towards the enemy area. You can hear the panting of their breath when they run. But otherwise they are silent for these are Arabian Mares who work in stealth. They await the commands of their master and ready to charge into the unknown territory of the enemies. They run at full speed and strength that sparks flicker at the strike of their hooves. It is dawn, when there is little light and the world is still asleep. The air still moist due to the dew dampens the dust. The speed of the running raises the dust in cloud surrounding them for a while. Then without fear, they charged into the midst of foe.

The first five verses of al Adiyyat, demand the listener to imagine a battle scene. A scene that is most common to the Arab, the people who love their horses and understand battles. Surely they would be attracted to listen to the surah further.

وَٱلۡعَـٰدِيَـٰتِ ضَبۡحً۬ا

by the (steeds) that run, with panting (breath),

In the first ayah, Allah describes the horses of the battles as females. As we have learnt, the Arabs put high value on the mares (female horses) particularly so during their battle due to their ability to move in stealth, their speed and agility, their loyalty and courage.

The word Adiyyat itself does not mean horse rather it means either

  1. Moving at speed in animosity.
  2. Plural of enemy or opposition

The arabs have different words for horses such as

حصان          خيل          فرس

According to linguists, the word ضبحا is rarely used for horses, but rather it is usually used on wolves. So the image that one would draw is a pack of war styled horses ready to devour its enemy which they have the certainty that they will overpower them.


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