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Prophet Yunus alaihi salam

Prophet of Allah, Yunus was sent to the people of Nivenah near the land of Mosul in Iraq along the river Tigris. As all the Prophet of Allah, prophet yunus invited them to worship only Allah but they rejected him.

When the situation continued for a long time, Prophet Yunus finally left them and told them that punishment will inflict upon them after three days!

When prophet Yunus left them in anger, he went and boarded a ship. Howeer, after the ship has set sail, a big storm came upon them. The waves were huge and ship was in the verge of sinking! Conditions were becoming critical.

Decisions were made after that, that it is necessary to cast a vote to pick someone to be thrown out of the boat to lighten the load.

When they drew the lots, the name of Yunus alaihisalam came out. But the people knew him and did not want to throw him overboard. They repeated casting a vote and again the name of Prophet yunus came out again. They repeated the casting for the third time and again his name came up.

Surah As Saffat 37: 139-141

And, verily, Yûnus (Jonah) was one of the Messengers (139) When he ran to the laden ship, (140) Then he (agreed to) cast lots, and he was among the losers, (141)

Then he was thrown into the wild ravaging sea! Then Allah sent a huge whale to swallow him up. Allah ordered the whale not to eat his flesh or bones and that there he was not the food for the whale

As Saffat 39: 142

Then a (big) fish swallowed as and he had done an act worthy of blame. (142)

When settled down, in the belly of the whale, Yunus alaihisalam thought that he was dead. He tried to move his limbs and they moved and thus he knew he was alive.

So he prostrated to Allah and said, O Lord, I have taken as a place of prayer where no one else has ever worshiped you.”

When Allah made that whale go round and round in the depth of the sea, Prophet Yunus heard the glorification of All merciful by the whale. He even heard the pebbles glorifying Allah.

Everything in this world Glorifies allah. Remember this lesson.

the entire universe is glorifying Allah with praises and thanks. There is nothing in the universe that does not glorify Allah except
– disbelievers among mankind
– jinn

As Saff 61 :1

Whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth glorifies Allâh. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. (1)

At that, prophet Yunus started glorifying Allah himself.

Surah Anbiya 21: 87-88

And (remember) Dhun-Nûn (Jonah), when he went off in anger, and imagined that We shall not punish him (i.e. the calamites which had befallen him)! But he cried through the darkness (saying): Lâ ilâha illa Anta [none has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allâh)], Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You]. Truly, I have been of the wrong-doers.” (87) So We answered his call, and delivered him from the distress. And thus We do deliver the believers (who believe in the Oneness of Allâh, abstain from evil and work righteousness) (88)



Abu hurayrah narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi salam said,

“When Allah wanted to keep Yunus in the belly of the whale, he revealed to it.he said, “Take him inside but do not eat his flesh nor break his bones.” When the whale went down to the depth of the sea, Yunus heard a voice. he said to himself, “What is this?” Then Allah revealed to him, while he was inside the whale’s belly, that it was glorification of the sea animals. then while in that state, Yunus also glorified Allah, which was heard by the angels. They then said, O our Lord, we heard a very weak voice coming from unusual land.” Allah said, “That is My salve Yunus. he disobeyed me, so I detained him inside a whale in the sea.” They said, “Is he the pious slave from whom the good deeds ascended to You every day and night?” Allah replied, “yes”. So the angels then pleaded on his behalf, so Allah ordered the whale to throw him out on the shore.”

Ibn Abi Hatim has mentioned in his tafseer on the authority of Anas bin Malik that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam said

When Yunus the Prophet was in the belly of the whale, he said, O Allah, there is none worthy of worship except You, You are glorified. Indeed I was among the wrongdoers’. This appeared from beneath teh Throne. the angels asked, O Lord, we hear a very weak and familiar voice coming from a strange land. Allah said, “Don’t yuo know who it is?” they replied, “No our Lord, who is he?” Allah said, “It is my salve Yunus.” The angels said, “It is Your slave Yunus from whom accepted prayers and deeds used to ascend to You?” They said, “O Lord, why don’t You bestow Your mercy upon him for what he did during times of comfort and thus free him from this trial? So Allah said, “Yes.” He then ordered the whale and it threw him out of the shore.”

As Saffat 37: 143-144

Had he not been of them who glorify Allâh, (143) He would have indeed remained inside its belly (the fish) till the Day of Resurrection. (144)

It is said that it means had he not glorified Allah therein, and said what he said, and confessed his sins accompanied with repentance, hewould have remained therein till the Day of Resurrection and been resurrected from the belly of the whale.

It may also mean that because he is among those who is always glorifying Allah, who remembered Him and offered prayers frequently.

Imam Ahmad supported this opinion and reported a hadith on the authority of Ibn Abbas that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam said,

O young boy, I will teach you some words. guard the duties of Allah and Allah will guard you. Also guard the duties of Allah and you will find Him beside you. When you remember Allah in good times, He will remember you when you are in hardship.

So my children, the very same nasihah I will give to you. remember Allah all the time in your time of ease. fear Him. Insya Allah, Allah will support you at your time of difficulties.

So Allah cast him on the bare shore where the beach has no trees or plants. Prophet Yunus was also in the state of sickness and was very weak.

And Allah caused a marrow plant to grow over him.

what is marrow plant?

Some scholars said the wisdom may be that the leaves of the plant itself is soft, plentiful and provide shadow from heat and also flies do not come to it. Also the fruits can be eaten from the tree both cooked and uncooked even with skin and seeds. Allah knows best


Then prophet Yunus went back to his people. But before that, when Prophet Yunus left his people, he also said to them that the punishmnet will inflict them after three days.

Ibn Mas’ood,Mujahid, Qatadah and many others said that when he left them and his people became sure of the punishment befalling them. Then Allah guided them on repentance of their sins. they regretted the way they dealt with their prophet. Then they started imploring Allah for His Mercy while lowering themselves.

Allah with His mercy and kindness removed them from their punishment, which was going to befall on them.

Surah Yunus 10: 98

Was there any town (community) that believed (after seeing the punishment), and its Faith (at that moment) saved it (from the punishment)? (The answer is none,) – except the people of Yûnus (Jonah); when they believed, We removed from them the torment of disgrace in the life of the (present) world, and permitted them to enjoy for a while. (98)

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Excellence of Tasbih, Tahmid, Tahlil, Takbir and Other Supplications

Today we want to approach one of the dzikir that is beloved to Allah. remember when we learned about Al Quddus? Perhaps human and jinn are among Allah’s creation that do not Glorify Allah alot. So today we will see related narration on glorifying Allah to encourage us further and to increase our eeman.

Subhanallah means Glorify to Allah. Which means you are glorifying your Creator. To say He has no flaw in His Perfection, that He is Far above any imperfection. He is far above and beyond any similarity to His Creation.

So when you say Subhanallah, think of this that Allah is Mos Perfect. he has no flaw. And He has no similarity with anything.

You say Subhanallah when you are at awe with something. For example, seeing a beautiful scenery.

Or when you feel like saying OMG. Say Subhanallah. 😀

Light on the tongue and heavy on the scale
Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “There are two phrases that are light on the tongue but heavy on the scale of rewards and are dear to (Allah) the Gracious One. These are, subhanallah wa bi-hamdihi (All Glory is to Allah and all Praise to Him), and subhanallah al-azim (Glorified is Allah, the Great).” (Muslim, Bukhari, and Tirmidhi)

Try it. Is it easy for you?

Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasalam loves glorifying Allah
Abu Hurairah also reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “I love repeating subhanallah, wal-hamdulillah, wa la-ilaha ill-Allah, wa-Allahu akbar (Glorified is Allah, all praise is due to Allah, and there is no God but Allah, Allah is the greatest) more than all that the sun shines upon.” (Muslim and Tirmidhi)

Glorify Allah for Allah loves it
Abu Dharr reported, “the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘Shall I tell you the words that Allah loves the most?’ I said, ‘Yes, tell me, O Messenger of Allah.’ He said, ‘The words most dear to Allah are subhan-Allah wa bihamdihi (Glorified is Allah with all praise due to Him)’.” This is narrated by Muslim and Tirmidhi.

In Tirmidhi’s version, we also find the following: “The words most dear to Allah which He has chosen for His angels are subhana Rabbi wa bihamdihi, subhana Rabbi wa bihamdihi (Glorified is my Lord with all praise due to Him, Glorified is my Lord with all praise due to Him).”

Samura ibn Jundab reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The dearest phrases to Allah are four: Subhan Allah, (Glorified is Allah), al-Hamdulillah (All praise be to Allah), Wa la ilaha ill-Allah (There is no God but Allah), and Allah-o-Akbar (Allah is the Greatest). There is no harm in beginning them in any order you choose while remembering Allah.” (Muslim)

Among the Reward of Glorifying Allah
Jabir reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Whoever says Subhan-Allah-al-Azim wa bihamdihi (Glorified is Allah, the Great, with all praise due to Him), will have a palm tree planted for him in Paradise.” (Reported by Tirmidhi who considers it a sound hadith.)

Abu Sa’id reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Perform the enduring goods deeds more frequently.” The asked, “What are these enduring deeds?” The Prophet, peace be upon him, replied, At-Takbir, (Saying Allahu akbar i.e., Allah is the greatest) At-Tahlil, (Saying la ilaha ill-Allah, i.e., there is no god but Allah) At-Tasbih, (Saying subhan-Allah meaning, Exalted and far removed is Allah from any weakness) al-hamdu 1i-Allah, (This means: All praise belongs to Allah alone) and la hawla wala quwwata illa billah. (There is no power nor any authority except with the permission of Allah) This is reported by An-Nasa’i and Al-Hakim, who consider its chain of authorities sound.

SubhanAllahi wa biHamdihi (Glory be to Allah and Praise Him).
Whoever says (the above) at morning and evening time, one hundred times, none shall come on the Day of Resurrection with anything better except someone who has said the same or more. (Muslim)

Abdallah reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “During the Night Journey I met Ibrahim who said to me, ‘O Muhammad, convey my greetings to your ummah, and tell them that the Paradise is of pure land, its water is sweet, and its expanse is vast, spacious and even. And its plants are Subhan-Allah, wal-hamdulillah, wala ilah illallah, wa-Allahu akbar’.”

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Whoever says, ‘La llaha illa-Allahu wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamd wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir’ a hundred times during a day will have a reward equivalent to the reward for freeing ten slaves. Besides, a hundred good deeds will be recorded for him and a hundred bad deeds of his will be wiped off, and it will be a safeguard for him from Satan that day until evening, and no one will be better in deeds than such a person except he who does more than that.” (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i, and Ibn Majah) In the version of Muslim, Tirmidhi, and Nasa’i, we find this addition: “And whoever says subhan Allah wa bi-hamdihi a hundred times during a day, will have all his sins wiped off even if they were as numerous as the foam on the surface of the sea.”…. SubhanAllah !


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