Ar Rabb

Rabb when translated would loosely means Lord or master. But it means wider than Lord and Master that we know. It means He is the Lord and the Possessor of everything. He has no associates. He is the Lord of the Lords and the King of the Kings.

It also means owner, master, manager, educator, custodian and the bestower. From the word رب comes the word ‘tarbiyyah’ (تربية) which means to nurture, educate, train, rear and raising.

Ar Rabb is the who creates, the one who runs the affairs, the one who nurtures, the one who sustains.

Allah is Ar Rabb

Allah is Rabb for everything.

Allah is Ar Rabb for all creatures.

Allah created me. Allah gives me many things, and give all people everything they need.

Allah provided for us.

He is the one I worship for Allah is Ar Rabb.

Rabb doesn’t just mean Lord. Rabb means Cherisher, Sustainer, Maintainer, Caretaker, Lord, and everything. Allah (swt) gave you clothes. Allah (swt) gave you elements to take from the world and make things. Allah (swt) even sent some of those elements from outter space to this earth so that they could be used by us. Subhan Allah (glory be to Allah), this is a Caretaker. Allah (swt) gave you your eyes, your hearing, intellect and the ability to communicate. Allah (swt) gave you everything you need materially as Rabb.

In the Arabic language when the word Rabb is used with another noun such as Rabatul Manzil meaning the homekeeper – housewife – Queen of the House. It does not mean that she is the queen that will sit supervising people’s work. It means that she takes care of the household, manage it, nurture the people in the house and provide love and warmth.

Allah is rabbul A’lamin. Lord of the worlds. meaning He does even more than just create not one world but many. World of angels, world of Jinn, world of animals, world of mankind, world of plants, world of inanimate things. He sustains it, He nurtures it. he provides for the creatures in it. It is Him and nothing else.


For younger kids


Mother is rabatul Manzil – keeper of the house

take care of you, food, clothes, education, living and so on

King – takes care of the country, economy, people

Allah is the King of all kings. He owns everything and He takes care of it.


Believing that Allah is Ar Rabb that He creates everything and takes care of everything and the Master of everything is called the Tawhid Rubbobiyah.


in the quran

Lord of the worlds

Fatihah 1: 2

(for the little one make him read this verse and describe what it means by Allah Rabbul Alamin)

Al Baqarah 2:131

Al Maidah 5: 28

Al An’am 6:71

A An’a, 6: 164

Lord of the Throne

A Tawbah 9: 129

Al Anbiya 21: 22

Lord oh the heavens and Earth

Al Isra 17: 102

Al Kahf 18: 14

Maryam 19: 65

Allah as our Lord and Lord of our ancient fathers

As Shuara 26: 26

Ad Dukhan 44: 8

Lord of the east and west

Al Muzzammil 73: 9

Ash Shuara 26: 28

Ar Rahman 55: 17-18

Al Maarij 70: 40

Invoking Allah and Glorifying him by His name Ar Rabb

In Quran and hadith there are plenty of examples on how we invoke Allah by calling Him Ar Rabb

Invocation of Prphet Ibrahim alaihi salam

Al Baqarah 2: 126

Al baqarah 2: 260

Invocation of Prophet Moses

Al Araf 7: 151

And Prophet Nuh

hud 11: 45

And Yusuf alaihi salam

Yusuf 12: 33

Yusuf 12: 33

Yusuf 12: 101

Imran’s wife

Al Imran 3: 35


Who is your Lord?

Allah is my Lord.

من ربك؟

الله ربي


الله ربي  والاسلام ديني محمد النبي

Allahhu Rabbee

Wal Islamu Deenni

Muhammadun Nabiiee


Let us learn to invoke Allah by calling Him with one of His glorified names Ar Rabb.




1. Tawheed for children

2. TJ’s Allah is My Lord (An excellent work. Masya Allah)

2. The Perfect names of Allah – Dr Umar S. Al Ashqar

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