Suratul Quraysh 106: 1-4

(It is a great Grace and protection from Allâh), for the taming of the Quraish, (1)
(And with all those Allâh’s Grace and Protections for their taming, We cause) the (Quraish) caravans to set forth safe in winter (to the south), and in summer (to the north without any fear), (2)
So let them worship (Allâh) the Lord of this House (the Ka’bah in Makkah). (3)
(He) Who has fed them against hunger, and has made them safe from fear. (4)

It is reported in Tafsir Ibn kathir, that this surah is a continuation of Suratul Feel. However the sahabahs wrote “In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most merciful” between the two surahs. This is because if the two are combined the meaning would be “We have destroyed its people in order to gather (Ilaf) of the Quraysh. Allah knows best.

Makkah was an infertile land. No agricultural activity can take place in Makkah. The people of Makkah depend on business where they travel around to do business.


We made a little craft for Z to put the arabic names for the seasons now that they have learned the arabic word for winter and summer. We are currenly in autumn. Alhamdulillah wonderful weather nowadays.


The Quraysh took advantage of the seasons in the year to travel. During the hot season of the summer, they would travel to the Shams where the temperature is much cooler. While during the clod season, they would travel to the south where the temperature is moderate.

Let’s look at the average yearly temperature around these regions. We will look at temperature in the month of January which represents the most peak winter. And July which would normaly represent the most peak summer.

Syria which would represent the northern area yaani the Shams. Refer HERE.
January – 6 Celcius
July – 26 celcius

Makkah. refer HERE.
January – 23 Celcius
July – 35 Celcius

Yemen . Refer HERE.
January – 26 Celcius
July – 33 Celcius.

I am slightly doubting on the data at Makkah in July. I reckon it can actually hit 50 celcius or at least 40 plus.

But the gist is, you can see the best place to travel in the mid summer is to the Shams when the temperature is most moderate. And to take advantage of the moderate winter temperature along the jazeera area.

And this was what the quraysh did.

This was all by the Grace of Allah.

To travel around the Arabia at that time was very dangerous for there are bandits everywhere. However no one dared to touch the Quraysh because of their reputation as the caretaker of the House of  Allah. This has become more evident after the year of the Elephants.

But they have forgotten that this was a favour given by Allah to them.

Have they not seen that We have made (Makkah) a secure sanctuary, while men are being snatched away from all around them? Then do they believe in Bâtil (falsehood – polytheism, idols and all deities other than Allâh), and deny (become ingrate for) the Graces of Allâh? (Surah Ankaboot 29: 67)

Arabic words learnt in this two ayah

رحلة – Journey

الشِتأ – the winter

الصَيْف – the summer


Identifying seasons in arabic

spring – الرَّبيع

autumn – الخريف

The protection that the quraysh had when they travel around either during winter or summer are all blessings from Allah. Their elevated status that they are the custodians of Kaabah are also blessings from Allah.

Allah continues in the next verse.

So let them worship (Allâh) the Lord of this House (the Ka’bah in Makkah). (3)

This verse is actually a command from Allah to them to worship Allah, the one who bestows them with all the blessings. Also the one who is the Lord of Kaabah of which the reason of their elevation in status.

Allah reminded the people of Quraysh to worship the Lord of the honoured Kaabah. The holy Kaabah that Allah protected from the elephants. Allah has honoured the Quraysh as the custodian of Kaabah. Because of the Kaabah, Allah has raised the status of the Quraysh among the arabs. Even more so after the Year of the Elephants.

However the Quraysh, has been worshipping false idols and has placed idols around the holy house. Whereas they know Allah is the one who creates them and the one who provides rizq and the one who protects them.

Let us take heed of the lessons. Only ask from Allah. And Only He is to be worshipped.

Allah continues in the next verse on the other blessings that are given to them

1. fed them against hunger

2. Security

The Qurays were blessed by Allah

1. protection of the caravan when they travel for business

2. The advantageous  of the seasons throughtout the year

3. Security during the time of harm

4. fed from hunger.

And yet they worship idols who couldn’t do neither good nor harm to them.

Let us reflect on our own well being. More so if we have status, or we are born in a good family and surrounded by “noble” people.

Do we ever stop and think that these are all from Allah. We must continuously thank Him and continuously doing good deeds that pleases Allah.

Arabic words in verse 3 and 4

هذا البيت – this house. In Quran this means Kaabah

جوع – hunger

خَوْف – fear

I am hungry – أنا جَوعن

I am full – أنا شبعان

Things to bring in

Huruf jar – Li, min

Lessons from this surah:

  1. Security is one the greatest blessings
  2. The Sacred House (Al Kaabah) was honoured before Islam and after Islam
  3. And thus the custodian of Kaabah was also honoured by the Arab people.
  4. The livelihood of the people of Makkah was mostly due to the trades.
  5. The Quraysh travel to different places in the season of winter and summer for trade.
  6. Allah has honoured and elevated their status such that their traveling was safe despite the rampant robberies and insecurities within the arab world.
  7. Allah reminded them of the blessings that He has bestowed on them and that they should worship only Him and not the other deities.


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3 responses to “Suratul Quraysh 106: 1-4

  1. Subhanallah Sister Lollie.
    Great lesson plan for Suratul Quraish. Insya-Allah, we will revisit this surah and try some of your ideas. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

  2. umm salman

    assalamualikum sis i am impressed. presently i am trying to teach my girl aged 3…i did soorah feel with her she found it very intresting but i have not got around to do any other.please gi ve me some tips on it .

    • lolliesplace

      This was what we did for surah al feel.

      It is nothing much. What i actually did on the ground but did not take a picture is to have a map. and pictures of elephants. We made the group of elephants walk from Yemen all the way to Makkah. Showed some clashes along the way.

      and pretend jet fighters of birds coming to attack the elephants later. I am not sure whether this would be appealing to girls though.

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