Ramadhan 2010

We revised our last Ramadhan lapbook. And discussed more points. Alhamdulillah.

We are trying to do some daily questions besides their daily doses of fixed Ramadhan activities.

What did you do before breaking fast?

What good deeds did you do today?

What good deeds you plan to do tomorrow?

How was your day of fasting?

List some of the duas.

Alhamdulillah H and I learned alot from the list of duas he made.  We discussed about it. I tried to make him visualise himeslf in 20 years time, 10 years time, 5 years time and next month for him to polish up his dua’. Not to mention the hereafter which Alhamdulillah he has covered in detail.

I think this is a godd discussion to have with the children. We benefitted from it.


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5 responses to “Ramadhan 2010

  1. Michelle

    asalamu alaikum wr wb! i’m so glad I found this site! just started lapbooking, so I needed some topics, help. etc! Allah bless, thank you!

    • lolliesplace

      Michelle – I am rying to explore more lapbooks and are constantly looking for topics. My eldest wants something more challenging. I guess we can play it by the ear eh?

      Perhaps a lapbook/ notebook about war next time round.

      or sahabiyat

      or ummul mu’mineen

      or more simple ones collection of daily sunnahs.

      just throwing some ideas. 😀

      • michelle

        yeah my eldest is 15, trying to motivate her into lapbooking but to no avail=/
        perhaps like you said some good topics will catch her attention. thanks!

  2. Since Aidiin is starting to fast this year, i am feeling adventurous hee hee and considering getting the kids to work on their first lapbook, i.e. on fasting and Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah i have your examples to refer to for starters. tapi ni dah masuk seminggu puasa, tak buat-buat lagi *blush* Timing is not so good yet… sofea has exams in school, nuaym dah active and tido less nowadays… praying and hoping that we at least get to produce a simple one before Ramadhan ends this year. Semoga Allah permudahkan for us 🙂

    • lolliesplace

      It’s ok. Actually lapbook is build from little exercise. we can start simple questions once a day or once a week. Just keep the asnwers and later build aslapbook one day. 😀

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