Water Cycle

It was a two weeks school holiday which are done now. :(.

For this school break, we covered the topic of water cycle.

We talked about the process.

Ocean water (and any water) evaporated by the sun – turn to vapour – will rise up to the air – until reach a cool level – condense – turn into water droplet and form a cloud – the wind blows the cloud – meanwhile evaporation contine to happen and more water vapour are formed – clouds get bigger – when it becomes heavy – precipitation. it will pour down as rain – some goes to river, some fall on us watering the plants and such, some go back to the ocean, some goes into the earth.

In general this is our exaggerated water cycle model.

There’s the cool sun on the left. Clouds getting bigger. Rain falling over land giving life to the world by the will of Allah.

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