It rains when I want to have fun

I threw a hypothetical question to the children. It may be hypothetical but it is a real situation. We have seen many occasions that people grumble when it rains because they couldn’t do what they planned to do.

You are ready for a picnic then it rains, How should you react?

Understandably you might be disappointed. But let us reflect back the blessings that Allah chose to pour the rain on you.

Alahmdulillah, after listening to various form of blessings that Allah gave on us concerning the rain, the ni’mah supercedes everything else. When rain pours, we cannot count just how much blessings we are receiving. Subhanallah!

So we discussed on our attitudes

  • To not be angry
  • Do not curse the rain
  • Instead make dua’
  • Let us think of something we can do indoor instead

We have discussed the dua’ that we can make as narrated by hadith. refer HERE.

There are times that some of us may not receive the same blessings from Allah. Our Prophet Muhammad sallalhu alaihi wassalam has taught us that we can make prayer to ask for rain from Allah. The prayer is called Istiqa’. Refer HERE.

And we read the story of Prophet Hud alaihi salam. Read HERE.

Among the lessons from the story of Prophet Hud alaihi salam is the punishment that befalled on the people of ‘Ad of who Prophet Hud alaihi salam was sent to.

They suffered long drought and famine yaani there was no rain for a long time. Presumably their water sources that have been their source of live in the form of river and spring and fountain have dried up. When finally dark cloud approached them from far, they were so happy because they thought god has favoured them with rain. Rather it is dark cloud of punishment of howling wind which lasted for eight days and seven nights and throw them everywhere. The whole place was buried with sand.

Prophet Muhammad salllahu alaihi salam made du’a when he sees dark cloud because he is afraid that the same thing will happen to his people. Read HERE for the du’a.

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