Cloud seeding

Still on the subject of rain, to day we explore some methods that the world are using to induce ore water to the world. This time is about how people induce rain. By planting seeds of water to the cloud and thus as Allah has put the rule that as the clouds get heavy, rain or snow will fall, by Allah’s leave.

Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification in the attempt to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls by dispersing substance into the air that serve as condensation.

The most common chemical are silver iodide, dry ice and salt.

Among the applications are

1.  In China they used cloud seeding to increase the amount of rain over arid regions.

2. China used cloud seeding just befor the 2008 Olympic games in order to clear the air pollution.

3. In Feb 2009 china blasted iodie sticks over Beijing and some places in the North of China to induce snowfall after four months drought. The snowfall in beijing lasted fort three days and led to the closure of 12 main  roads around Beijing.

4. The U.S also used cloud seeding to increase precipitation in areas experiencing drought. Also to reduce  the size of hailstorm and to reduce the amount of fog at the airport areaa.

5. Cloud sedding is occassionally used by major ski resorts to induce snowfall

6. In Australia, seeding over hydro electricity catchment area increases rainfall.

7. In Alberta cloud seeding using pumped silver iodide into the atmosphere to reduce the threat of hail damage. This program was funded by farmer contribution and government grants.

8. Russian military pilots seeded clouds over belarus after the Chernobyl disaster to remove radioactive particles from clouds heading towards Moscow.

9. At July 2006 G8 Summit, President Putin commented that air force jets had been deployed to seed incoming clouds so they rain over Finland. Rain drenched the summit anyway.

10. In Southeast Asia, open burning haze that pollutes the regional environment. Cloud seeding has been used to improve air quality by encouraging rainfall.

11. In October 2009, the Mayor of Moscow promised a “winter without snow” for the city after revealing efforts by the Russina Air force to seed the clouds upwind from Moscow throughout winter.


1. People are complaining that cloud seeding is stealing rain that could potentially fall on other land.

2. Or making rain fall at where it is not suppose to as some people prefer their place not wet or blanketed with snow.

3. The quantity of precipitation is unknown sometimes causing more damage

4. The chemical thrown in and spread as rain to the earth.

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