Hadith 4 – Man’s Development and His Destiny Part 2

We started off by discussing where we left off. Reminding him of the word nutfah, alaqah and mudghah.

We continued some part of the hadith today. And myself and H memorised the hadith together.

It was fun doing it together. I assisted in the meaning. Alhamdulillah for my little knowledge of arabic. And he encouraged me with his speedy memeory retention. Alhamdulillah for his youthful brain. I must say it was easier and very enjoyable for both of us.

Then we did some workbook exercise. Dr Aliya helped me tremendously to come up with this workbook. barakallahhu fik. We are enjoying them termendously.


According to this hadith, after three 40 days periods i.e. about four months, a human soul is bestowed upon the fetus through an angel. He writes down the followings

1. His provision (rizq) – the extent of his share of sustenance and blessings from Allah

2. His life span – the extent of his appointed term or his time of death

3. His deeds

4. The result or outcome of his life – whether he will be among the wretched or the blessed.

Knowing these,

i.  should we then stay idle because Allah has predestined our life anyway?

ii. Should we not work because Allah has fixed our sustenance?

iii. Not seek medicine for Allah has destined our death.

iv. Not try to be nice because we think that Allah has destinesd us to be wretched?


Let it be understood that first of all we have no capacity to understand Allah’s knowledge even if it is about us. Allah’s knowledge surpasses everything we know. To us this is ghaib. Things that we do not know.

Even though our destiny has been written and we will do it but we will eventually do it not because it has been written. It is an association or matching. What we are going to do matches with Allah’s knowledge. Allah’s wisdom and knowledge surpasses our understanding.

Thus we should not have the understanding that things are imposed on us. In fact we are given the freewill to make a choice. And Allah sends us signs for us to make good choices. Thus our job is to put our utmost effort to be among his best slaves and fulfill our purpose of life.

Understand that Allah is Most Just. And we must have complete trust with Allah. We follow His commands and make effort to become good muslims. He will guide us and for those who wants guidance, Allah will guide. may we be among those who are guided. The closer we are to Allah the more He will guide us.

Fear Him by staying away from what is forbidden. Have hope in Him that He will guide us. Ibn Al Qayyim says Iman is a balance of hope and fear like the two wings on a bird. Such that a pair of balanced wings will enable a bird to fly steadily.


We discussed some short case studies like

1. Someone who is sick and refuse to cure himself because he believes that Allah has destined his life and death.

2. Someone who works hard but did not achieve what he wants.

3. Someone who died in an accident. Who causes his death?

4. Someone who continues to do bad things because he thinks Allah has made him a bad person anyway.


Truthfully this is a difficult topic to discuss due to my limited knowledge. I pray that Allah will bring to my children someone who can explain to them better so they will have the comprehension of religion better. I am here to open the door for them. may Allah make it easy for all of us.

I told them, then you will all teach me. 🙂

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