A little description of the big journey

Insya Allah my husband and I will be going for hajj this year. Please pray that Allah makes it easy for us and that itwill be safe journey and may our hajj be accepted.

So I draft up a short explanation for the children of our schedule from leaving the home up to reaching back home Insya Allah.

1. Marking dates on map against schedule

They will be supplies with a Saudi map. The plan is to mark the dates on the map to match the schedule. And also for them to be aware of the route we will be taking and the places along the route. Insya Allah it would be easy for them for they have used the same map for our last umrah trip.

2. To be aware of the hijrah dates particularly during hajj season.

It is important that they take notes of the hijrah dates during Dzulhijjah. Especially more so for the first ten Dzulhijjah. They are also to mark the hajj rite and the whereabout I am against the hijrah dates and gregorian dates.

3. Hajj Rite Map

We talked of the rite to spend the night in Mudzalifah under the million starts (Insya Allah) and stoning ane making tawaf.  So this map would be useful for them to at least have a clue of our whereabouts.

4. The farewell Sermon

I also printed out the farewell sermon for them (H particularly) to read on the 9th Dzulhijjah.

May Allah protect my children and keep their hearts strong. Itaqullah my children.

I leave you in the care of Allah, who nothing in His care is lost.

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