The Last Ten Nights

I think we will continue this for each Ramadhan.

We reread our lapbook again. This time looking at their notes on the Laylatul Qadr. Since we are now in the midst of the last ten nights of Ramadhan. Subhanallah! Time really fast.

We also read the children’s book, “The Night of Decree – Shazia Nazlee”

We added a few more points for the laylatul Qadr section. That is the emphasis of dua’. When we last went for umrah, we brainstormed ideas on dua’s that we can make. Subhanallah! I found it helpful, when we have make a list and sectioning them into categories. This Insya Allah help us (them also) focus on the so many things that we can ask from Allah. Indeed as in the hadith

Abu Huraira: Make Dua and be assured of being answered, and know that Allah does not answer a Dua from a careless heart which is not concentrating (Tirmidhi).

Insya Allah, we want to try our best to concentrate on what we want to ask from Allah. Lest it become a mere routine. Said without meaning it.

Anyway, you can find our list of dua’s in this document. In page 12, Insya Allah.

We modified it to suit the time now and added a few more dua’s.

May Allah guide all of us to raise our children as the Muttaqun.

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