How Air gets in
Air gets in your body through nose or mouth.
Sent down the windpipe into your lungs.
Warmed up by tiny blood vessels.

The windpipe splits into two bronchial tube one for each lung.
Inside the lungs the tube splits into smaller tubes – bronchioles
at the end there are tiny air sacs called aveoli

lungs are spongy light and stretchy. They are protected by your ribs. Can you feel your ribs? your lungs are caged in the rib. Subhanalah!

they can expand and contract as you breathe in and out.

Introduction to how lungs work

breathing in

Air is sucked down the windpipe and will fill in your lungs.
There is a flat muscle under the lungs. It will push down when you breathe

Breathe out
The diaphragm springs up again.
lung contracts.
air is squeezed out and goes out through your mouth or nose.

A video on what happen to the lung during breathing in and out.

What happen to the air?
When you breathe in air, millions of alveoli in your lungs are filled with air
Tiny blood vessels around the alveoli take in the oxygen from the air.
It is then carried all over your body

Also the alveoli take back carbon dioxide from the blood vessel. This waste gas leaves your body when you breathe out.

Video showing what happen to the gas exchange during breathing in and out

To draw up lungs when breathing in and out – note the change of size.

Look at the complexity of our body system. We breathe without even realising that we are doing it. And yet the complexity of the whole system is Subhanallah amazing.

A system as complicated as this can only be created by a Seprior Being. Who must be the greatest planner and the Most perfect fashioner.

A system like this can never occur by chance. It must be created by the Perfect creator.

Allah azawajjal is the perfect creator. He is the best of planner. He is Al Khobir who is aware of everything that is going on, when we don’t even know what is going on in our own body except by painstakingly studying it.

Subhanallah. Allah is Great!

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