Wudhu’ Practical : Little Water

Today is a wudhu’ practical day.

Emphasis is on using as little water as possible.

Ablutions (Wudu’)Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 4 :: Hadith 200

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet used to take a bath with one Saor up to five Mudds (1 Sa’= Mudds) of water and used to perform ablution with one Mudd of water.

According to the More Than 1000 Sunan Every Day & Night Pocket Book (Qtar Guest Centre), 1 mudd is equivalent to 2 average sized hands cupped. I tested it on my husband, and it it is about 140ml. Thus 1 mudd would be about 280ml of water. Meaning it should be about three quarter of a small mineral water bottle.

In another source, it is about 500ml. (sorry no reference)

While in this article, 1 mudd of water is about 750ml of water. READ HERE.

Allah knows best.

The point is, water should not be used excessively when we take our ablution.
I like to train the children to learn to turn off the tap in between the different steps of ablution.
Even then, the tap should be turned at the most possible minimal water usage.

Insya Allah we will try as much as we can. I need the reminder too.

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