All I know About Allah

We did a little exercise just to recap back what we have learned so far.

We started off by reading this book THE NEED FOR CREED – ALLAH : THE ONE TRUE GOD by Moazzam Zaman. I can’t find the book on the net. But if you google his name, you’d find that he writes a lot of prophet stories for children in colorful hardcover. Likewise this creed book is also for children written in colourful hardcover.

Anyway, I was making them think and write down what are the attributes that they have learnt either directly from the lessons we had or indirectly.

Among the lessons are
As Samee
Al Baseer
Al ALim
Suratul Ikhlas
Ayatul Kursi

These are among their points

Allah is

  1. One
  2. Forgiving
  3. Needs no one
  4. All Hearing
  5. Has no beginning and no end
  6. All Knowing
  7. Nothing is equal to Allah
  8. The Creator
  9. All Mighty
  10. Knows your future
  11. Most Merciful
  12. Most Gracious
  13. Unseen
  14. Most Loving
  15. The Sustainer
  16. Protects everything
  17. Never tires
  18. Owns everything
  19. Most High
  20. Most Great

And we continued our discussion with the points given.

I pray that our children grow up as a God Fearing person who will never associate Allah with anything at all. That they become a righteous person who will work for Allah’s cause. I reminded them that Allah will never forgive Shirk. And always seek Allah for assistance.

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