Book : Amalan Anak Salih

I am adding a new syllabus. WHile S is doing her jawi writing, I shall be reading a book with H. Something short and simple Insya Allah.

We are starting on this small pocket book Amalan Anak Yang Salih collected and translated by Baharuddin Ayudin. book published by Penerbitan Salafi.

This book contains collection of hadith targeted to nurture the children to love the deen, Insya Allah.

Due to my shortcoming, I can only translate the hadith as per the direct meaning. I pray to Allah, that He would give me the opportunity to learn more on this knowledge.


Rasullulah s.a.w bersabda : “ucapkanlah:’ Aku beriman dengan Allah.” Kemudian tetapkanlah pendirian.”

Haziq wrote down as this

This hadith tells us to believe in Allah and to be steadfast in believing Him.

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