Pillars in Prayer : Intention in Solah

I overheard H said out the intention of solah out loud when he was praying with S the other day. I was quite surprise for we have been praying without announcing the intention out loud, and there he was doing it.

So, I decided to introduce this topic in our Fiqh lesson this week.

First of all,  we all know in whatever that we do, the most important thing we must have is our niyah, our intention. This is what that makes the ibadah profitable or useless. It can make even our little act of kindness, like feeding a dieing stray dog, be rewarded heavily in the hereafter or our 1 million donation lost its value in the eyes of Allah. Insya Allah, we will cover this when we discuss the hadith qudsi one day.

Similarly, niyah is also important when we want to make our solah.

However  it is NOT required for us to state the intention out loud.

When the Prophet (s.a.w.) would stand to pray, he would say Allahhu Akbar and would not say anything beforehand. he would not say the intention out loud beforehand.

All of these statements are innovation. None of them have ever been recorded from him, not with a sound or a weak chain, an unbroken or broken chain. Nor has any of them been narrated by the Companions or approved by any of the Followers of the four Imams. (verbatim quoted from The Concise Presentatoon of Fiqh : Dr Abdul Azeem Badawi).

However, the ilm of fiqh many times have different khilaf thus different translation. Refer to this fatwa in ISLAMONLINE.

Sice we want to strive ourselves to follow the sunnah of Rasullullah and His Companions, we can try to make all intentions be stated IN THE HEART at the beginning of the prayer.

To teach them how to think of a niyah and say it in the heart. Insya Allah with conviction from them.

When making intention we must be IKHLAS (sincere). Pray solely for Allah’s pleasure instead of scared of my anger.

This condition of niyah are the same for wudhu’ and fasting. Remember most of all, Allah Al Samee’ knows what you intent in your heart more than anything else, so make your intention right, and Insya Allah you will be rewarded accordingly.

In short
In everything that we want to do (that is permissible of course) we must
1. have good intention in the heart.
2. always correct the niyah.
3. Have ikhlas
3. Do it to please Allah.


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2 responses to “Pillars in Prayer : Intention in Solah

  1. I’m glad that you have tried to follow closely of what the Prophet SAW did. After all, there should all Muslim be like that, trace back to whether our Prophet SAW practice them or not…. you can try visiting this web- http://www.drmaza.com or http://www.al-ahkam.net

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