Reminder : Three Things We Must Know

A reminder from last year’s lesson

Who is your Lord?

Allah is my Lord


What is your religion?

Islam is my religion

Islamu deenee

Who is your prophet?

Muhammad (s.a.w) is my prophet

Muhammadun Nabeeyee

Then we listened to the nasheed by Yusuf Islam and friends. Arkan Al Islam. Listen to the excerpt HERE.

part of the lyrics
Allahu Rabbee
Wal islammu Deenee
Muhammadunn Nabeeyee

wordpress” Sight Arabic words

الله (Z is learning to write Allah. I started with dots for him to follow. Now he insists that he can write alif himself and is now progressing with lam and ha. Alhamdullilah)

محمد  (I was shocked to know that H and S couldn’t spell their prophet’s name in arabic properly. My fault really.  😦 )


الله ربي

إسلام ديني

محمد نبيي

Adding the letter ya indicates that it belongs to you. As in it is mine. Example
كتاب. Book
كتابي . My book

قلم. Pen
قلمي. My pen

أم. Mum
أمي. My mum

أب. Dad
أبي. My dad.

أخ. Brother
أخي. My brother

أخت. Sister
اختي. My sister.

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