Pillars of Faith

S was asked to write down the pillars of faith (she learnt it last year).

The way I explain to her about pillars of faith is, what you need to believe. Iman is believing. You must believe all of the six pillars. Not any time in your life that you can have doubts. These are the foundation of being a mukminin and sets a Muslim apart from the kuffar.

1. Believing in Allah.

Believe that Allah is our lord. Our creator. And that Allah is one. the only worthy of worship.

2. Belief in Allah’s book

We believe in the AlQuran. Al Quran is Allah’s words. It is sent down through revelation via the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad (s.a.w.). Allah has guaranteed that Al Quran will be preserved until the end of time.

We also believe that there are other kitabs sent down to the prophet before Muhammad s.a.w

they are

Injeel to Prophet isa a.s.

Torat to Prophet Musa a.s.

Zabur (psalm) to Prophet Daud a.s

and the Scrolls of Ibrahim to Prophet Ibrahim a.s.

3. We must believe in all Allah’s messengers

All Allah’s messengers carry the same message that is La Illahha Illallah. We love all messengers and we have the highest respect for them. Not believing in one of the messengers mean that we don’t believe in the third pillar of faith.

We believe that Muhammad is last messenger and there is no other messenger after that.

4. believe in angels

We believe that noble angels is Allah’s creation who carry duites as prescribed by Allah.

5. Believing in the end of the world. Qiyamah!

We believe that one day the world will be destroyed and we will also rise back to life. We believe that there will be a judgment day then where we will be judged. If you have been good you will go to heaven and bad people go to hell. Believing that there will be judgment day should keep our behaviours in check and have fear for Allah.

6. Believing in Qada’ and Qadr

Believing that all things come from Allah wether it is good or bad.

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