Lessons from learning the stories of Shaytan’s Mission

We discussed this and we relate this to our daily lives. Gave examples and so on. Among the examples that can be related to them are thinking that a person is lesser in academic status, arrogant of our talents, looking down on unfortunate children, pride of one’s beauty. Would you like to add your examples?

  1. Being arrogant
  2. pride
  3. Think highly of oneself
  4. Think others are less of status by their look or appearance

These are among Shaytan’s personality that we highlighted. It can be easily related to all of us for as humans we sometimes do think we are better than other people. Sometimes out of confidence. And that is what I wanted to tell them. Have confidence not arrogance.  You can know you are good, but not think lesser of other people.

I fear that I can become among these group. I am constantly reminding myself, that by reading more and learning more does not necessarily make me better than many people. For my knowledge is so micro that it requires more than a million time magnification under the microscope. While other people have more. And combined all that, the knowledge of this world is only a speck of water in the ocean compared to Allah’s knowledge.

Another lesson we can learn about arrogance is not asking Allah for forgiveness. Sometimes we in our heart feel ashamed to ask Allah for forgiveness. Sometimes we take for granted that Allah is All Forgiving and we felt that He would surely forgive without even bothering to ask. And sometimes we delay to ask for repentance because we want to enjoy our time and we think we can repent when we are old.

Do not be like the Shaytan. Seek forgiveness from Allah. ALWAYS!

More lessons are that Shaytan is sending out an army to make sure we all stray. Disturbing us come in many forms. Among them are

  • Encouraging us downright to do bad things.
  • While this can be harder to some people because we have fear in Allah, Shaytan will whisper to us to slow down on good things. And that explain laziness in performing prayers, reading the Quran, memorising, doing homework, listening to parents.
  • Even when good deeds and obligatory actions are performed shaytan will not stop disturbing us and will whisper us things to not allow you to concentrate when performing. that explains why our mind roam when we pray, we yawn when we pray, we cannot concentrate on reading.
  • or we felt that we want to show off when we do good deeds.
  • he encourages us to spent on things we do not need.
  • He blows seeds of hatred and anger.
  • He whispers syak wasangka and doubts about our friends.
  • The ultimate shaytan’s mission is for us not to worship Allah anymore. BEWARE!

And many more

We must prepare ourselves with ammunition against the Shaytan. These are described in previous entry.


If they are too arrogant to honour our father Adam. a.s., do the same, fight shaytan.

It wouldn’t be an easy task. It will be continuous battle. But for those who are steadfast, the greatest reward will await. May we all be among those who receive the reward. Insya Allah.

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