Allah’s Names : Al Alim (العليم)

For both Haziq and Sya.

I introduced to them the Asmaul Husna. Haziq was already introduced the names of Allah in his weekly fardhu Ain. I wanted to reintroduce in a different fashion.

So instead of introducing Allah’s names in the normal order of Allah, Ar Rahman, ArRahim and so on, I introduced in a collective of names.

the first group is Al Alim, As Samii and Al Basir.

All these names will link eventually to having taqwa to Allah knowing that Allah knows everything! Allah hears everything! Allah can see everything!

Can you suggest other names that can be grouped. For example Arrahman and Arrahim. Ar Razzaq Al Kareem?

I used the talibiddeenjr‘s syllabus for this.

First I highlighted to both of them that Allah has the best of names as in Surah Taha:8
Allah! la Ila Ha Illa huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He!) To Him belongs the best of names.

We discussed why we need to learn Allah’s names. This is because we need to address Him by his various names to teach us to be humble when we make Dua’. I gave an example, when we are asking Allah to bestow us with Rizq, Call on him ya Razzaq and make our dua’. Allah’s name also describe Allah’s attributes and thus may we learn to know Allah better.

For this week I only introduced that Allah is Al Alim

Al Alim : Allah know everything!

Allah’s name Al ALim appear in the Quran many times. I told the children, when we read the Quran, you can watch out for the word Al Alim. Now that you know the meaning. 😀

Al Baqarah V 115
To Allah belongs the east and the west and whithersoever you turn there is Allah’s countenance for Allah is all embracing, All knowing.

Al Nahl 16:19

وَٱللَّهُ يَعۡلَمُ مَا تُسِرُّونَ وَمَا تُعۡلِنُونَ

And Allah knoweth that which ye keep hidden and that which ye proclaim.

Batrisyia was asked to write the word Al ALim in arabic and write down the meaning as well.

haziq was asked to write down what we discussed. This is what he wrote

He knows everything, not just on the outside, but also what is in your heart. he knows what you did good and bad (NOT SANTA CLAUS). I know I must not show off when I do a good deed. I will also not do any bad deed.

We brainstormed about some things that Allah knows about our personal action that any other people would not know. These are their answers

haziq : Drinking in the toilet during Ramadhan (a cheat answer since I am always giving this example :P)
Sya : hiding chocolates under the bed. Hahaha. An original answer indeed.

When we discuss about Al Alim I stress that Allah knows EVERYTHING we did. This should bring fear in your heart. Fear Allah when you want to do something bad. Fear that you cannot hide anything from him even in the darkest smallest hole possible.

But not only that, I stressed that Allah knows that you have done good. So there is no need to show off. for the only reward you want is from Allah. Allah knows even the littlest good deed that you did. Nothing will go unrecorded. Even picking a nail on the road fearing that it will hurt someone. Knowing that Allah will be please with you is sufficient.

Allah knows when you are sad. when you are in trouble, when you are in need, so pray to Allah and ask from Him for he knows what is best for you.

A possible progress on lapbook

I asked Sya to write Al ALim in arabic, the pronunciation and the meaning in a palm sized paper.
Then I paste this on a black sugar paper.
At the back haziq is to write down a verse where there is Al ALim in it, and also what he understood about Al Alim (as discussed earlier)

Later on the collection of names will be made into a book. A lapbook of Allah’s names. Insya Allah.

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4 responses to “Allah’s Names : Al Alim (العليم)

  1. aliya

    great idea to group the names of Allah instead of just hafal membuta je kan.

    some other names yg boleh group together:
    AL-Azeez, Al-Jabbar, Al-Mutakabbir
    Al-Khaliq, Al-Bari, Al-Musawwir

    boleh jugak group opposite names like:
    al-qabid, al-basit
    Al-khafid, ar-rafi’
    Al-Mui’z, Al-Muzil
    Al-Muhyi, Al-Mumit
    Ad-Dhorr, An-Nafi’

  2. lolliesplace

    Salam Aliya

    Oh thank you very much fo the suggestions. Will definitely use it when we come to tawhid period again. Appreciate it tremendously. *muah*

    And the opposite names sangat bessssttttt!!

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  4. yahuza isa adamu

    Thank you for spreading Allah’s message to Muslim Ummah all over the.

    Yahuza Isa


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