Ramadhan Lapbook : Post review

These are the things that I think I would like to improve the next time we review this ramadhan lapbook. (I suppose best is next ramadhan)

  • To read and write the arabic words for the hadith instead of just the english translation.
  • to highlight the arabic words we learn throughout ramadhan like saum, iftar, sohoor, (Can you suggest any more words?)
  • to compose quizzes on ramadhan. there is a sample HERE. but perhaps I can add more. Can you help me too?

And for next year Ramadhan activity I would like to include an activity of listing

  • lunar watching as an everyday activity. I will have them go outside to check out the moon and paste the appropriate photo of the moon on the chart. You can print the lunar worksheet if you want. Go HERE.
  • lists more good deeds we can do. and highlight to them what they have done with praises and stars and moon.
  • things we are grateful to Allah for and perhaps have it paste on a chart so that can see the continuous progress.
  • be more serious about dzikir with the children. The children are reciting Subhanallah at random times.

Other things that I can also include in the lapbook are

About Eid but was running out of time. Perhaps that could be another lapbook of its own? 😉

There are many ways for me to improve. Thus, Insya Allah this lapbook can help and the children from the easy non-rocket science facts to a more serious ones for the older children. If you have older children, you can also include about qiaymulail and i’tiqaf in a more serious manner. Or perhaps a progress chart for tadarus? The ideas are vast and many. All for the sake of Allah, Insya Allah.

i hope this lapbook will become a treasure for them and I pray that they are kept reminded of what they learn and most of all put it to practice. Ameen.


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8 responses to “Ramadhan Lapbook : Post review

  1. Assalamu’alaikum dearest sister,

    Thank you for sharing the pictures from yr lapbook. Masha-Allah what a beautiful lapbook! Alhamdulillah I’m glad you were able to make use of some of the resources from my blog.

    Hope to get to know you better, insha-Allah. 🙂

  2. beelove

    tabik spring to Lollies!!! sangat kagum with your effort

  3. lolliesplace

    raising muslims : Salam ya ukhti. I am more than honoured of your visit here. I should thank you formally for sharing yours in the first place. I was so excited that I almost could not think properly the whole day. My mind was whirling with so many ideas just reading your blog. Thank you for an eye opener for me. I thank Allah that I stumbled upon your site. Hmm I must coment at your blog.

    Do you have any comments for me?

    farah – sikit-sikit je farah. mana yang boleh kata orang. Ada apa-apa yang awak nak tambah tak?

  4. OOo I so love the lapbook even told my children last night. Must find time to do at least 1 before year end.

    Yusuf Islam first cd ada one song on the months in islam. Mmg senang nak hafal. Last time uks ada buat session and the children did some art and crafts.

    Maybe u can include art & crafts as simple as raya card for eid.

    Will get in touch. Again, keep up the good work!

  5. lolliesplace

    yeah I know that one but decided not to include that in this session. I thought it would be too much info at one time. but Insya Allah I will put that up perhaps masa seerah pasal Hijrah. we’ll see.

    BF, you’d be the best to do all these kind of things because of the things you are already doing. Would love to attend your sessions one day and learn from you.

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  7. Jazak Allah, this is great!

    We have a class of about 20-30, and insha Allah, we’ll are planning for our first lapbook – it’ll be on ramadan . But, we focus more on values then the knowledge content.

    For instance, we have themes, like mercy and forgiveness. We plan an craft/story/ game/ song, all around the same topic.

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